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EuroFutur Classic: extraordinarily modern!

EuroFutur Classic is the latest generation of profiles from KÖMMERLING. It is a complete system for modern windows and doors with a depth of 70 mm. The profile contains 5 cavities through the integration of an innovative, patented steel reinforcement and it provides superior heat-insulating properties: Uf-value (profile + reinforcement) of 1.4 W/sqmK cf. EN 12412-2.

This ensures that the latest energy saving requirements are met. With its sleek, business-like design, this system is a perfect reflection of these modern times. With standard glazing alone, it reduces noise to only 10%. Its acoustic insulation test value RW,P = 34 dB. With special glazing much higher values are also possible. Any humidity is quickly removed. The wedges in the frame rebate are not directly exposed to any humidity. This structure is characterised by its excellent stability and durable operation.

Research carried out to investigate the suitability of the system resulted in the best possible classification according to the latest European norms. Strong decorative components, centrally mounted in the profile system, ensure a high level of basic security. The closers are screwed into the steel reinforcement, providing excellent shutting. Any decorate trim designed for windows can be used. At special request, windows and patio doors with safety glass can be supplied from impact resistance categories RC1 and RC2.

Sustainable environment protection:
For its “new” compounds and in all systems, KÖMMERLING is now using calcium/zinc to replace the tried-and-tested stabilisator lead, which has become controversial from an environmental point of view. This will benefit both the environment and the quality of the windows. It increases the window’s resistance to weather conditions, prolongs its shine and makes the window a cleaner product to recycle.

System with numerous design possibilities:
The profiles are designed to be suitable for a great variety of window types. Profiles for frames, sash, intermediary styles and king posts, as well as side profiles are standard in the new EuroFutur Classic system. Numerous combinations are possible with 1 or more sashes. Thanks to the thermoplastic flexibility of the profiles, it is also possible to produce the most varied arches.

Due to the extensive range of auxiliary profiles, every connection on the structure of the building can be studied and carried out on an individual basis.

Another design is the lattice window:
– “real” lattice window.
– glued-on lattices.
– lattices / grids integrated in the glass.

Your windows specialist will be pleased to provide you with more information about the available colours: both wood imitations and solid colours are available.
1. Extremely well insulating component section that is 70 mm deep and provides a view that is as narrow as possible for optimal light transmission.
2. Patented steel reinforcement for better heat insulation and statics.
3. The deep glazing rebate allows super modern heat and sound insulating glazing up to 39 mm thick as a standard option.
4. Fast and effective water drainage of choice: towards the front or towards the bottom concealed from view.
5. A smooth, low-maintenance slanted groove ensures perfect water drainage.
6. Structurally perfect prepared connection with interior and exterior window sills, coupling, elevation and other connection components.

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